Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Zenith

Have you ever watched the people who zoom past you when you are travelling in a bus? Do you ever wonder how different each of their lives are? How different they are in the way they eat, dress and walk?

The stooping old woman with a walking stick, the distressed, wearied street-vendor, the cycle-repairer’s uneducated son? The genius under the street-light, the millionaire’s wife in a Mercedes, the unwashed babies of the derelict? The worthless mongrel, the compulsive thief, the chronic drunkard?

As each human with a different stride, a distinct expression and an incomparable face zips by, you tend to wonder - How different am I from these people? Am I just another human being, living the same life, walking the same walk, fighting the same fight -against life? Am I just a drop in the ocean, a grain of sand on the beach, a bean in a bean bag, a stranger in the background of a picture, a single pollen grain in a field of tulips?

And that is when a familiar realization dawns upon you. Your pondering leads you to a conclusion -That you are unique only because you are you. You are your thoughts, your dreams, your mind, your words, your emotions, your distress, your problems, your experiences, your face. You are the only person, among the thousands, who has a life exactly like your own.

And eventually, it occurs to you that, you are the smile on someone’s face, the rhythm of someone’s heart, the happiness in someone’s tears. You are the blissful drop that quenched a mineworker’s thirst. You are the last grain of sand to form the base of the sand-castle. You are the bean in the bean bag that did not deflate. You are the stranger in the background of a picture held by a loving mother of her son’s graduation day. You are the minute grain of pollen that added to the honey.

And that is when you comprehend the measure of this realization in its entirety. The realization that you are, in fact- The Zenith.


  1. i must say this one indeed is the best! :)

  2. I must say that I love you for that :)

  3. People have always been subjects of profound intrigue for me.I am not all into photography. Apart from my Facebook profile pictures, the only pictures I have ever clicked are those of lil children.And I love all of them.
    I reiterate.I love this picture and the girl on it.
    Supreme stuff this.

  4. It is something I like...about You being You and You being the 'special You'. It is important to let that be. Bean bag and pollen grain - that is cool stuff !

  5. @Anna: Thank you. The picture was supposed to go with the theme. Didn't know someone would like it more than the theme :)

    @Shraddha: Exactly. You being the Special You is an important realization with every moment of apprehension. Thanks :)

  6. HEy.. I guess you can read Hindi.. your post struck me deep cause it's very near to the one I wrote on my Hindi blog. I'll just post a link. (I know this is kind of butting in here, but can't resist it anyway, and btw your posts are awesome.

  7. Oh.. I guess it isn't the same in essence, but I loved your observations about the strangers...Which are so close to my own..
    again sorry abt butting in