Saturday, June 5, 2010

The walk...

I walk with my eyes shut
And the world walks with me
A second longer to keep them closed
A second turning longer and longer

The head does not stop me
A mind that does not want to
The deeper courage is what I lack
To turn the next dark second into light

Part of the world pretends not to know
Part of it does not
The heart within that makes us foolish
The head that turns ignorant

The screaming mind waits for the day
For the light awaits at the end of the tunnel
But the mind does not tell me
That I'm standing still
And its the world that keeps walking


  1. way to go girl! loved the last line! :)

  2. Welcome.Welcome!
    As I always say, I have tremendous respect for people who can do poetry.I can *never* do one.Great Great start.Please do not quit ever.People tend to.Please prove to be different. Cheers!:)

  3. < what annnanymous said >

    and i like poems...although i don't understand ones that are too deep...i like this one..sets you thinking..

  4. welcome gal! i like ur style. can relate to it.write more. we could be blogging buddies. :D

  5. NICE !! N I've been inspired to start blogging all over again- I almost gave up yeah !

  6. @Shrilata: Thanks a million man :D

    @Anna: The smile on my face is getting wider with each line that I read. Won't quit da. I'm here to stay.

    @Rishkul: Thank you! I don't know how to write poems that are too deep. So hopefully, what I write can always get you thinking.

    @Kirti: Aye aye ma'm! Blogging buddies it is!

    @Shraddha: *blush* Send me the link of your blog asap...and...update! :D